Popping the Cherry
Aurelia B. Rowl

August 2013

You only get one first time…

 From driving tests to relationships, Valentina Bell thinks she’s a failure, with a big fat capital F. At this rate, she’s certain she’ll be a virgin forever.  So Lena’s friends plan Operation: Popping the Cherry to help her find the perfect first time.

Yet somehow disastrous dates with bad boy musicians and fabulous evenings with secretly in-the-closet guys aren’t quite working out how Lena planned.

Soon Lena’s avoiding  Operation: Popping the Cherry to spend time with comforting, aloof Jake, her best friend’s older brother ,who doesn’t make her feel self-conscious about still clinging to her V card. But could Jake show Lena that sometimes what you’re looking for most is right by your side?

A Forever for the 21st Century


Reviews for Popping the Cherry:

‘Popping the Cherry is a fantastic New Adult that kept me flipping the pages..[it] stole my heart for Lena and Jake’s hilarious, heart-melting and crazy romance. I highly recommended Popping the Cherry for getting your forever love the first time.’ – 5 HEARTS from I Heart YA Books   

‘I am a big fan of Aurelia B Rowl. She writes soul-stirring tales that remain in your thoughts long after you are finished reading. POPPING THE CHERRY is a powerful and meaningful new adult story. This is by far the best book that I have read so far this year! This is a Romance Junkies Recommended Read.’ – 5 Ribbons from Romance Junkies‘I highly recommend this read for all fans of young adult reads, you will take away a powerful message of life has it’s up’s and down’s but it also presents opportunities worth waiting for and the memory of terrific brilliantly written characters.’ – 5/5 from Romance Book Haven

‘Popping the Cherry is a spine-tingly, sweet and hot, coming of age YA/NA romance…[it] is a crackingly-good read. Awesome in fact – on so many levels…Overall, I LOVED the characters. I LOVED the way the plot was developed and shaped. And I LOVED the ending.’ – 5 fabulous fairies from Bex ‘n’ Books